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yup theyre playing at madison square garden but youre too late bro, presale tickets went on sale at noon today and they sold out the venue in an hour. so they decided to make a second show for the night before, and they sold that one out too in nothing flat.

i scored floor tickets to saturday though.

if you dont know dispatch, theyre an indie rock band, but arguably the most popular/successful independant band of our day http://www.dispatchmusic.com/dispatch.html

yeah theyre a "jam band" i dont really know what that means technically but they do "jam" on tangents off their studio recorded tracks using elements of american folk, reggae, and rock, i just call that "good fucking music". theyre studio albums are ok, but theyre live albums are mindblowing.


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You have stunned us once again.

All tickets for July 14 sold out within 30 minutes of the presale yesterday.

We added another show immediately on July 13. There are only a handful of tickets left for that show.

We are in the process of scrambling to figure out how to accomodate more of you in July.

Please look for an official statement within the next 24 hours.

Thanks again for this incredible display of support.

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