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What to watch?

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Talking to this girl, and me being lazy I figured I could go to the masses of people for some quick advice.

Considering, that I don't want to make it seem I am taking her to a crappy film just to have sex with her while I eat my pop corn. What are some good films that are out now, or will be out by the end of the week?

She isn't into horrow flicks. Cliche, but she loves chic flicks.

I REALLY wish smoking aces was out already. I'd just drag her to watch that me-self.

I don't gossip or browse movies that much, so basicly I usually breeze through some of the post here when I want recomendations.

So, what's out that would seem like an honest to goodness date? I have to perpetuate the lie somehow!

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Dorkon is a shadow of myself.

I'd DO something like that and get nothing out of it.

I remember Charlotte's Web when I was young....

I doubt it'd be anything but awful, but........

but it's one of those books you liked as a kid but there's no reason for it to have a movie and even if you went to see it it'd be too kiddy.

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