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True Boobs or False Hope?

True or False?  

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  1. 1. Do you prefer real or fake breasts?

    • I like the real thing.
    • Implants are so much better.
    • It doesn't matter to me, I just want some titties!
    • Just like GPS, I've never even seen a boob.
    • Just like Samurai Drifter, I am a boob.

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Boobs, everybody loves them. They come in similar shapes and different sizes.

Are you disappointed when you find out someone you like has breast implants or is at least contemplating surgery? Are there circumstances under which implants are necessary for a woman or are they something that is only desired out of complete vanity?

AE, what do you think about fake boobs?

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I think sometimes breast implants can imply that a woman has low self-esteem and that is a turn off for me. I like a woman who's confident about what she's got.

But I'm not completely against implants, I think they can be necessary, like if a woman loses a breast to cancer for example.

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They're a huge hassle and really unhealthy and almost always rupture within 10 years.

But I dunno! I think a parallel to "small breasts" for men is having a squeaky voice, or being like 5'3". You can understand why someone would want to do it.

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I enjoy the real thing. They're so scrumptious & tasty! (^o^ ) <3

Yes. There are some circumstances (ie: never develpoed them or too "medically" small) where a boob transplant might be necessary & it's quite alright as long as they "proportion" the boobs with the rest of her figure. I'm OK with that, but when they get these nasty ass giganormous boobs, that becomes disgusting! ( 'x') !! If they have perfectly fine natural boobs & they go do a transplant, that's kinda stupid.

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The real thing is far preferable.

But there are plenty of cases in which implants are perfectly understandable... Some women literally don't have breasts, which can be awkward and embarrassing, some women have severely disproportionate breasts, which can also be awkward and embarassing, and some women had breast cancer which generally means the breast was removed (although these days breast reconstruction is usually part and parcel with the tumor removal, and usually involves taking fat from somewhere else on the body rather than an implant.)

The real deal. I just love how when you grab a woman's breast... it feels like... a bag of sand.

..............they shouldn't feel gritty, man. just no.

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..............they shouldn't feel gritty, man. just no.

Fail for not knowing the refrence.

It's a joke from the 40 Year-Old Virgin.

That movie = Ownage

more like the 40 year old LOSER


But he got rich AND laid in the end, how does being a virgin for 40 years make him a loser if it payed off like that?

Well, not getting laid for 40 years is pretty sad, but if you got rich and laid as payment, fuck, I'd do it.

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I could care less if a girl has breast implants.

A lot of my friends have them, some of my family members have them.

Do I look down on them? Nope.

Do I ask a girl, "hey, are these real?" before I start massaging them? Nope.

As long as they look, feel, and taste good, then I have no problems.

now.....if the implants are installed incorrectly and over time the breast begin to lump up and look bad, then yeah, that is a huge turn off.

Titties are wonderful. Even the gays like them.

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more like the 40 year old LOSER



Ouuuuch. XD

I like breasts as much as the next guy, but as far as I know, gay guys think they're just big lumps of useless fat.

In fact, I'm pretty sure I overheard a gay guy talking about it once.

Hey! I like boobs too, you boob. :mad:

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