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Pedo Accidentally Turns Himself In


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From The Herald News

The Bristol Community College student was to submit his computer information systems final examination on compact disc last week.

But instead of submitting the class work, Erickson allegedly handed in a disc that contained images of children as young as 7-years-old in sexually explicit situations. The disc, according to police reports, listed each youth by age, ranging from 7 to 14.

But the best part is his email to the teacher once he realized his mistake.

“Oh snap, I am sorry. I accidentally gave you my friend’s mixed music CD that I meant to keep here and install the music on my computer,” Erickson said in an e-mail to his professor. “I found the CD with the (final exam) on it. If there’s some way I could send it to you, that would be great.

“I am sorry about that, and hope it didn’t affect the grade at all. Again, if I could get that CD back so that I can install the music. Sorry for the mix up.”


Besides the absolute hilarity of this douchebag taking it in the ass for the next few years he also gets to deal with having himself become a Brian Peppers like figure on the net thanks to being ugly as fuck.

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Wow, what a faggot. Can't even throw the horns up right.

Serves the asshole right. Remember kids, if you have CP on CD's, always mark them! Hell, always mark your CD's regardless (The only CDs of mine that aren't marked are application CD's or old ass J-pop/J-rock CD's I had fucking YEARS ago).


Oh, and that shirt is unfunny and unoriginal and attention-whore-like.

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Kevin Strom disapproves of this thread as it is just a tool for the Jews to frame and jail an innocent man.

Ironic because...

On January 4, 2007, Strom was arraigned on charges of possession of child pornography and witness tampering. Strom has taken a leave of absence from the National Vanguard stating that he has "made mistakes, sometimes serious ones."
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