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Ever since the spring semester started I've been actively going about realizing one of my new year's resolutions, being open and honest about my autism and bouts of depression. Until recently I allowed others to assume I was just weird or eccentric because it never bothered me. During the holiday break a family member asked my why I've never told anyone about my condition and I couldn't answer them because I honestly do not know, but I started wondering if I should and decided to give it a try once the new semester began.

I'm kind of regretting it because I don't think I'm the smart, funny, eccentric guy anymore. I think some people are starting to feel sorry and that irritates the hell out of me. Whenever I do something quirky or weird like I use to it doesn't get the same reaction it once did.

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yeah its messed up dood.

we observe patterns of behavior, and label them accordingly, which is fine as a field of study, or a method of treating conditions, but then we wrongfully pigeon hole people into them.... perhaps out of ignorance.

our minds are far more complex and endless than the pages in a psychology book can describe, regardless of what label a phd wants to give your "condition" or "lack thereof", because in the end, there really is no difference between having a condition or not, we're all just people and thats the most we can ever be. YA DIG

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Only if you stab them while cuddling will I respect you once more.

As for being honest, I find that I never let people know about my problems. And yes people assume, but it's better than sympathy from my personal point of view. But my problems, at least to me, are never really life-defining issues.

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i like what cappy is saying, unless you feel like by not telling them, you are hiding something. go with your instinct basically

if you somehow really piss someone off though, and you don't want to see each other again, the "sorry i have xyz" would be a good idea because you can leave like "hah what an idiot *forget*" and he/she can leave like "oh poor guy he has xyz thing i'll try not to be angry"

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If it makes you feel better, I felt sorry for you long before I knew about your autism.


I don't even know who you are.

It's Set! Set, man!

In all seriousness, it's really up to you. It's nobody's business unless you want it to be their business. If you feel like people assume things about you based on these problems, and that really bothers you, then don't tell them.

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dude i just wouldnt tell anyone any condition i may or may not have, if they want to psychoanalyze me and come up with their theories, go for it. otherwise, telling people about a condition will serve only to form prejudices and shit. we're all just people with a clean slate when we meet somebody new. its not HIDING stuff from people. imagine if you were never diagnosed with anything. what would seperate you from other people? youd still have the condition, but your outlook about it is completely different... but it shouldnt be.

the thing is, youre not seperated or different from other people,- instead think of autism or any condition as a segment of the population. a part of the whole. that's all anyone is. YA DIG?

you call it being "open and honest" to tell people about it, almost as if you habor "guilt and dishonesty" by NOT telling them. WRONG.

bottom line: it has nothing to do with honesty so dont fool yourself into that self-guilt trap. that shit on a need to know basis, and its none of their fuckin business!

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