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Sunshine trailer


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How so? I don't think they mentioned anything in the trailer about how they will try to re-start the sun.

Fifty years into the future, the sun is failing, causing mankind to begin dying out. A spacecraft with a crew of eight men and women is launched as a last hope,[2] carrying a bomb the size of Kansas in order to re-ignite part of the sun. Seven years prior, a similar ship had been launched for the same mission, but contact was lost with the ship.[3] When the crew of eight move toward the sun and out of radio contact with Earth, they experience accidents and discover the distress beacon of the ship that had been missing for seven years.[2] At the end of their journey, the crew encounters the source of all life in the universe.
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Its mainly untrue because when the sun actually dies out, it will expand out past earth (maybe mars too, not totally sure) before it goes supernova. But that wont happen for a few million years.


When a star dies out, its constant battle between the nuclear explosions and the immense force of gravity becomes one-sided. Meaning that there is no more fuel left for the sun to use, so gravity wins. If this way the movie is talking about it possible, the amount of fuel necessary to keep the sun going is an extremely massive amount, exponentially higher then the resources available on our little planet. Plus you'd have to constantly be feeding the sun this energy to keep it going.


Clint Mansell will never stop getting royalties from his Requiem for a Dream music

I thought this too.

Movie looks good, can't wait.

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