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What RPG Character Are You Like?

The Diabetic

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uh.......Link as Luca? The hell?

Hiko reminds me of Colette from tales of Symphonia because he always apologises about everything.

Link reminds me of Dekar from lufia 2, because he forgot how to lose.

Akito reminds me of Ryusei from Super Robot Taisen Original generation because he is in love with robots.

AngryBlack reminds me of Hauser from Suikoden 2 because that is the only black man I can think of from a rpg.

Wind reminds me of Myria from breath of Fre, because he governs us loosely.

PMA reminds me of Zell from Final Fantasy 8 for some reason.

Arse reminds me of Jogurt from Shining Force.

RPGuru reminds me of Shu from Arc the Lad, because a ninja with a shotgun, and that makes no sense.

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