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New York State plans video game ban for under 30s


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NEW YORK STATE is planning a law which would prevent the sale of some video games to those under the age of 30. The move, being pushed by democrat Aurelia Greene, will stop all violent games being sold to young whipper snappers under the age of 30. It is not clear if they are allowed to buy it if they show up with their mums and dads.

It will require that mature-themed games sold in shops be kept under the counter where the covers cannot be seen by minors, because 29 year old Americans are easily shocked.

If the law ever gets New York State’s blessing, it will mean that you are considered mature enough to smoke, copulate, drink, drive a car, get married, and vote but not buy a copy of Counterstrike.

Greene’s bill has been referred to the Assembly’s Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection. It has the same vague wording which has resulted in similar laws being struck down as unconstitutional in other US States.

First thing on a Thursday morning it is impossible to think why Greene believes that someone who has hit the magic 30 is any more mature than someone who was 28.


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you forgot to add join the military. You can jon the military and possibly kill actual people for real (or be killed for that matter), but you can't kill virtual people in a video game world.

I often wonder where my tax money goes. Now i know, and I wish I didn't.

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From which ep is that?

Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles

Technically the line is "Oh, now I'll need a fake ID to buy ultra-porn."

EDIT: Fixed a silly spelling error. Also, if you were looking for an episode number, it's the seventh episode from season five (so, 63)

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