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that is kinda what im looking for actually. its kinda mixed between oil modge podge and spray right now, i think i might just paint over most of it though. But yeah, any tips about mediums and color, or your techniques, would be much appreciated.

Also, im using U-trech oils, if it matters.

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Utrecht brand are pretty gnarly. they're all thick and smell weird because they're made with sunflower oil instead of the usual linseed oil. if you're not sure if you like oils or not yet, at least get a few Winton brand paints (the "student grade" W&N stuff) and give them a spin. if you like those at all you owe it to yourself to invest in some better paints. it's crazy how diffferent each brand is

ANYWAYS, here are the main mediums:

-liquin: all around nice fast-drying medium. smells like gasoline so use it in an open area

-galkyd: dries fast too, but makes paint REALLY shiny and can make your palette sticky. can't glaze with it

-neo meglip: this stuff is super cool if you like glazing. if not, don't bother

-linseed oil: you're not supposed to use it as a medium by itself for some reason, but it works. you can use it to just make paint more viscous if you want

and here's what i've been using:

equal parts linseed oil, gamsol (mineral spirits), damar varnish

it's a really watery looking solution, but you can cut your paints with it pretty thin and they'll still be opaque (if you're using opaque colors). it dries in about a day, depending on how hot it is in the studio. dries really matte for oils, which is awesome if you want to photograph/reproduce your stuff

and for colors.... i've got a big rant i could go on, but let me know if you know much about opaque and transparent pigments first

i'll tell you what colors i use most, too ;D

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i always use linseed oil and and mineral spirits, but for that piece i did there, i used almost exclusively mineral spirits, it makes everything look somewhat chalky, i kinda like it. I'm going to try that mix tommorow though, got to get some damar though.

Also, does my shading look ok? I was basically laying down a heavy base coat, (like that yellow) and then doing different layers of really watery coats (washes?) of yellow and black, for the shading, is that a good method, or can you recommend some other style? as of right now, im still trying to develop a style.

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hey no prob man. i was actually telling fellow AE artist Rita yesterday about how i wish someone would ask me paining questions :laugh:

one of my teachers last year lectured someone about trying to combine a stylizes, graphic style with more realistic rendering and how it almost never looks good so you're better off sticking with one or the other

right now you don't have too much rendering so that's not much of an issue, but i think it would look cool if you tried "rendering"with big blocks of color to go with the outlines the faces have

there's some figural artist who does it and i'm trying to think of his name...

Euan Uglow



pulling off this style is actually REALLY hard, but i think it's worth giving a shot

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Kinda like this thing. I never finished it and ended up giving it to some chick that digs the stuff i do, she was begging to have it as is (probably another physco). It kinda reminds me of those Euan Uglow pieces, only mine are horrible colors and not exactly tiled in. Is that what your talking about?


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yeah kinda. by keeping a lot of non-representational stuff (ie. not trying to be photorealistic) you open yourself up for more stylization opportunities. most of my stuff is pretty "this is how the world looks, i should drawr it like that" but that's just because that's how i do it. if you really want to find your style i'd say go find a bunch of artists you really like and do studies of their stuff (try to copy them as close as you can) and you'll find yourself absorbing everything you like about what they do into your own process

i painted some Velasquez this summer and a bit of it rubbed off on me, which is awesome because he's like the BEST PAINTER EVER

but yeah, i can try and tell you what i think will be best but all that matters is finding what YOU like and have fun doing :hardgay:

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Not exactly a painting or anything, just some early lathe pieces. this is a Box elder bowl that i made my senior year of highschool, it was always my favorite.


That finish is 1 part linseed oil, 2 parts polyurethane. I sanded the first coat and then polished it at 2800 rpms.

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