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It's almost here, the most romantic or depressing (depending on your love life) day of the year!

What are your plans for this, the second (challengers?) most expensive holiday of the year? Romantic dinners? Sweet gifts? Butt sex?

I just finished preordering two gifts for my special lady. :wub:

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I actually yesterday, had a dream THAT I WAS HAVING A DREAM, and in that dream it was Valentine's Day. My brain is so cheesy, it chose that day for me and Katherine to meet on the street and walk into the town center and talk for the first time in a few months. In the dream I apologized for a few different things, and dream-dream-Katherine said "It's okay", and them dream-dream-me said, "I have to talk to her in real life! I have to ask her to go to Starbucks and we can sit and drink coffee!" But I'm too scared. X__X

On Valentine's Day I am going to have a normal day with maybe extra candy from my parents! :hardgay: If I feel bad, I'll make soup, but I probably won't feel bad.

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Well, my relationship was left hanging in the wind after our little bout of miscommunication. And she left just after that. So assuming we're still together...

I'm giving her a hand made (By me) music box on Feb. 9th (Her birthday). It will be locked, and remain so until Feb. 14th, when I'll give her the key to open it and find the necklace inside.

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I rather hate valentines day there always bad no matter how you look at it...with my ex i went threw the trouble of making everything drew a picture of us and wrote him a poem and he was like how much did it costs....or its jsut a lame day for guys to be lazy and find some way to hump some girl...>_> or an easier way for them be like i'm sorry...with roses...its overrated...i'd rather spend it alone which is going to happen...*pulls amy over* unless youwant to spend it with me XD

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Valentines Day falls 4 days before Katies birthday, so I'm trying to figure out what I should do, I just want to avoid making it look like I am compounding the two days together like my family does to me sometimes (I was born on Dec 8th, Christmas + BDay compound gifts).

I am looking into getting a room in the mountains up North for a night, but literally every plan is up in the air due to scheduling conflicts.

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