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uhh my dog is 12 years old and he has been starting to act all wierd, like he is doing things he has never done before, like just run and hide in a corner in our downstairs, bark to go outside every five minutes and now go onto the furniture that we taught him not to do, and he has never done before.

It is starting to kinda get me worried, becuase my family and I can't figure out what is wrong with him. He has never done any of this stuff before. We think it has to do with our neighbor's new dog that they let rome around in our backyard is driving him nuts, because he ha salot of German Shepard in him, which if you didn't know, is a very territorial dog. But I mean, it can't just be that with all the stuff going on with him. The barking to go out could be because of it, but the hiding in our downstairs can't, and same with the funiture stuff.

I'm really starting to worry about him. i was wondering if anyone could tell me what is wrong with him, and what I could do. Any and all help will be apreciated. Thanks guys.


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yea i think the new dog is only part of the problem though. that would account for the mindless barking and wanting to go out every five minutes. but the hiding downstairs infront of the door to the garage, and the jumping on furniture, i have no idea.

and yea lol, it is pretty cozy

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2^You'd be surprised how neurotic people and animals can get when a change occurs that they don't like.

This sounds silly, but maybe he's doing it for attention? I mean, if he was taught not to go on the furniture he probably knows he'll get in trouble for it, but trouble is still attention....

If he's really worrying you though, maybe a quick call to the vet could ease your mind?

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no, the furniture is nowhere near windows, except for that chair, but he goes on the couches, not the chair. seriously i am getting worried and a little scared. if the furniture was near windows I would be smacking myself right now for being a dumbass but i just don't know...

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i wouldn't be worried, alot of dogs change their attitude from time to time. My dog for instance used to try to crawl in confined spaces, now he has this extreme hatred and distrust for anythig avian, no matter how small or large.

Im guessing its just a change from the usual because of that dog.

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dog Alzheimer's?

well we were thinking that, becuase it actually like exists.

hang the fucker from piano wire, saddam's-half-brother-style

seriously, don't fucking say that about my fucking dog.

hmm...he is back to normal now. We think it was actually his ears. His ears have always bothered him, and lately they have been really bad. but he is getting better now. Thanks for all your help guys! except cappy.

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well we were thinking that, becuase it actually like exists.

seriously, don't fucking say that about my fucking dong.

DO you pet your dong?

This doesn't sound that bad anyways. My dog was part german shepard and rotweiller and a bunch of other stuff he was about 12 years old. When my dog started to go he vomited anything that went down his throat even water so we had to have him put down.

But your dog just seems curious of the new animal. It will go back to it's instincts when it hears another dog. Maybe the dog is a female and good ole Chief has a dog chubby, assuming your dog is male. Anyways im sure its nothing.


Didn't see that you figured it out.

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