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Latin or Japanese?


which language  

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  1. 1. should i take

    • japanese
    • latin

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Hmmm so as it is, there are three languages I already know a bit of: spanish, latin, and japanese. In college I'm definitely going to continue Spanish, and I really want to do another language too. But I don't think I can study three at once. I have to choose between Latin and Japanese! D=

Advantages of Latin

- this was always my "thing" in high school

- Easier than Japanese

- No kanji

- I could become a Latin teacher

- very helpful in medical school where I'm goin'

- I imagine these classes are better taught at University of South Dakota

Advantages of Japanese

- understand anime and manga o__o


- i'll probably make more friends in the classes

- more exercise for the brain

- more fun than latin

What would you people choose???

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Learn Chinese if you want long-term benefits, but holy shit its 1000x harder then Japanese.

If youre going Medical, latin is the way to go. Plus if there's some word that you dont know in English, there's a good chance most of it comes from latin so can translate it to some sense.

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Japanese. I never understood the reasons behind studying Latin unless you wanted to read original Latin texts. Japan is fairly important country in terms of business. Not as important as China, but not insignifican either. There is probably more call for people who know Japanese than people who know Latin. plus, we always can use more yaoi translators!

Seriously, if you think you'll enjoy Japanese, take it.

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Honestly, I would take Latin over Japanese. Sure, you'll look like an ass if you walk around talking about/in latin and telling people what words are derived from, but as long as you keep that to yourself I think it'll be fine.

I know some latin, but only to the extent of latin roots of words. Such as Sophomore, which means, roughtly "Wise Fool". Or Philosopher, which is "Love of Wisdom" or something to that extent.

I think Latin is cooler, anyways.

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Personally, Latin, and most romance languages are not for me.

I think Japanese is pretty cool linguistically, although I'd never study it seriously because the idea of kanji makes me want to tear my brain out (I'm having enough trouble memorizing Russian cases, and those have rules... and stuff. Not just little pictures).

Really I wouldn't study either language, but that's just me. Languages more up my alley; German, Arabic (or Turkish), Russian (no duh I'm already studying it), and I also want to study something crazy like Mongolian.

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Only study Japanese if you actually plan to do something with it (i.e.: mechanical engineer for Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru / a translator for a major American company doing business in Japan / an ambassador to Japan / etc.).

If you don't use Japanese often, you're going to lose it faster than a naughty girl losing her panties on the first date. ('o' ) !!

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