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I also hate vegans-that-mention-it-in-public-regularly and unitarian universalists

and anyone that doesn't love America (i mean the united states), who was born here

and andrew jackson

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My gripe with the term hippie itself is that just like beatnik it was a "foul word" (to quote Allen Ginsberg's thought on the word beatnik). My gripe with hippies is something I can't quite put into words. After reading The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test my whole view of the 60's counterculture changed. Anyone calling themselves a hippy these days should just be shot.

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I remember reading a discussion about that somewhere on Livejournal, that they missed the activist culture of the 60's and they hated the fakers at bellydance concerts etc. now. They said they liked it when anyone could wear the hair and beads and whatever, even the very well-liked and "normal" people. When I think about people doing it in that context it doesn't seem very repulsive at all.

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i think i dislike people who call themselves a hippie when they're usually just like a yuppie who can afford to shop at Whole Foods and buy Greatful Dead CDs. I mean hippies like lived in the mountains and shit. It's sort of like if you called yourself a beatnik just for wearing a black turtleneck (which they didn't do DX)

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most young liberals who talk about it are phonies.

(although i'm not so angry now that CF explained that Unitarian Universalists do have some "guiding principles'!! that makes me feel a lot better about a lot of things)

i'm not such a fan of living in the mountains either. there's this amazing woman on livejournal who posted about living alone in the forest. it made me go "hmmmm" and think about replanning my plans but then I was like, "nahhh"


am slowly turning into bill o'reilly btw

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That actually happened! IN REAL LIFE!!

I love CF and I hope he loves america but he's great either way

I hate a lot of stuff about America and I generally correlate America with bad things in my head... But most people in America are pretty chill people. And most of America is cool (like physically, love dem mountains).

So I guess I love/hate America. Or rather I like Americans, but not America. Or maybe I hate Americans, and like America.

The government sucks HOOOO~ :hardgay::hardgay: :hardgay:

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how can you not want to communicate with that????????? seriously amy, i would love to talk to a god named Okami Amaterasu with a bigass reflector on her back in the form of a wolf. you need to think these things over before you say them :p

You mean that animal gods don’t visit you in your sleep and tell you of the future? How can you ever hope to ascend without the gods guiding you?

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