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Roommate jam


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To make a long story short, my roommate and I have started a totally sweet band. He moved a drumset into our dorm room and has started learning to use it. Of course, neither of us is very good, and we can only play between the hours of, like, four and seven. (because of class and people going to sleep at seven??? what the hell.)

So, here is our first demo... thing. I just kinda left my computer recording while we played. One of my suitemates made a guest appearance asking us about playing Iron Man (we had been playing Iron Man poorly earlier). After that I think we got better. It ends rather abruptly because one of our neighbors stopped by to tell us to shut the hell up because she needed to study.


Also, we need a better band name.

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Fuck people studying on Mondays at the beginning of the semester! Go to the fucking library or a coffee shop if you want to be a bitch to people. Other than that "Best rock track of the 21st Century."

Even though The Vault Dwellers is pretty much the best fucking name ever here are some other names.

Potential Band Names:

Digital Speedometer

She Looked 18!

Sink the Bismark

Bucket of Brains

All Hail the Glorious Republic

Beef Barn

I'll post more later, but I've got to jet right now.

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Well, the thing is, we're just recording the whole thing on just one microphone, all at the same time.

I have a powerbook, I just opened up garageband and hit go.

When we get better we'll look into actually getting recording stuff. I'm sure between all the people we know we could scratch together some decent equipment but we haven't yet.

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