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Pan's Labryinth

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....I dunno. Maybe it's because I was expecting more of a fantasy element to it rather then a post Spanish Civil War backdrop, but I thought it was a tad over rated. Still one of the best film's I've seen in the last year.

I actually liked how they toned it down, versus oversaturating the movie with 'omgfantasyluv.' :hardgay: Besides, one of the major conflicts the director wants to lend the viewer is the question whether or not the fantasy world was real. (Past the fact that other characters interacted with objects like the root and chalk.. I like to be a romantic and justify the fantasy world existed, but my friend pointed out the Calvin and Hobbes complex; others see Hobbes as a plushie, Calvin sees him as a living, breathing, elegantly violent comicbook-stealing friend.)

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The ending was sad

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I personally feel that the whole fantasy part of the movie was just in the girls imagination and some kind of biblical allusion on the part of the writer/director. See the girl = Jesus, since she gets a seat at the right side of her dads throne when she dies and enters the fantasy world at the end of the movie.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into it

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