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MaximumPC's Dream Machine 2005 tour


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so, as you all know, my computer isn't working. and to kill some time, i decided to go the the Metreon, in San Fransisco. MaximumPC had their Dream Machine 2005 tour there. so i decided to stop by and have some fun.


One of the computer stations. they had several of the previous Dream Machines there.


Different Angle, same computer station.


Back of my head. Playing Serious Sam II, the graphics are amazing. so is the audio. X-Fi and dual 7800SLi's sure are badass.


Another one of the Dream Machines. SLi, X-Fi, everything. runing BF2 at full graphic settings on a 23-inch gaming LCD is a pure computing orgasm.


This is me. Kneeling. Next to Dream Machine X. turns out the "DMX" on the side was photoshopped, plus they took out one of the optical drives. 13,000$ of computer. and i was right next to it.

'Twas a good day. every computer there (sans the Dell XPS Laptop) had the Dell 23-inch Gaming LCD. i also entered the contest thing to try to win one of the Dream Machines.

well, that's about it. my bragging rights.

I came. I saw. I came agian. Iplayed SS2 and BF2. I came agian. I touched Dream Machie 10. I came agian.


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That event sounds like it only exists to make people like me sad with envy.

Venom: Can I have this machine? Please? I'm barely running on a [lists his pathetic comp. specs.].

official: My God man, that is pathetic.

Venom: I know... So please? Can I have just this lower-end system? I'm sure it is still 6 times better than my own comp.

official: No!

Venom: Ah c'mon!

official: Look kid, you can beg all you want, but these aren't available to just give away. Keep dreaming.

*walks away*

Venom: I-I will keep dreaming! And you better... You better hope you are asleep when I wake up, because I'll open a Pantera's Box on your ass! Yeah...

*Aerosmith shows up*

Aerosmith: Are we too late?

Venom: You sure are.

Steve: Man, we've inadvertantly crushed another kid's hopes. Damn!

Tom: Wait, can't we just contact Kiss and use their time machine? I'm sure the Rolling Stones will use the power of rock to power the time machine again, because only rock can power a time machine.

Joe: Great thinking Einstein-

Tom: No, I'm Tom. Tom Hamilton.

Joe: I know that! I was making a clever insult on how you aren't actually as intelligent as Einstein, Sherlock.

Tom: Tom... Tom Hamilton.

Joe: *smacks face* Look, Kiss accidentally smashed their guitar through their time machine when the zombies of the rat pack tried to use it to go back in time to destroy Rock and Roll.

Steve: I guess we can only dream on... Dream on, dream on, dreeEeeaam on. Right?

Tom: I suppose. Hey! Maybe we can write a song about this. Dreaming I mean.

Steve: I think you're onto something! I'll get a piece of paper.

Joe: I've got a pen, Twain *jabs Steve with his pen*

Tom: No, that is Steve Tyler. Are you sick or somethin'?

*Joe picks up his guitar and is about to hit Tom*

Tom: All right! That's the spirit! *picks up his guitar and begins to play a tune*

Narrator: And so the hit Aerosmith song, "Walk this Way," was borne unto the world. Meanwhile, Venom had momentarily joined the forces of the Unspectacular Squad with the Mystery Men, to take down the villainous Major Kaiser General Lord Emperor Czar Elzick the IV. Using the ancient artifact of Pantera's box, a box passed down by the 9 muses themselves, containing such hard musical mists that it forms a panther of pure noise to crush the path of box's opening. This deafened and ruptured the suit of Venom's foe enough for the combined forces of both teams to take the man down. Outside of his suit, Major Kaiser General Lord Emperor Czar Elzick the IV was just a 102-year-old man, so he was easy enough to subdue through Mr. Furious' strength. Sadly, the box of Pantera could not be resealed and so was discarded to a dumpster, but little did both teams know a new enemy on the horizon would make that a mistake they would regret.

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