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Now we have a Led Zeppelin tour.


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Led Zeppelin to tour again


Showbiz Reporter

LEGENDARY rockers Led Zeppelin are set to re-group after 22 years for a money-spinning stadium tour of America.

The three surviving members — singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones — plan to hit the road next summer.

The trio hope to pocket £6.4million for the shows.

Robert, 54, Jimmy, 58, and 56-year-old John Paul met two weeks ago at the offices of their management firm Trinifold.

They buried the hatchet over Page and Plant’s 1990s tour, which John Paul only learned about from a newspaper.

A band insider said last night: “If the right offer comes up they will do it.”

Trinifold added: “Jimmy is itching to do something, but there is nothing firm yet.”

Zeppelin split in 1980 after a booze binge killed drummer John Bonham.

His son Jason is set to play drums on the tour.

The band, famed for songs like Stairway to Heaven and Whole Lotta Love, are second only to the Beatles in worldwide album sales.

They still hold records for crowds at their 1970s concerts.

A music industry insider said: “They had so many hits that I am sure the reunion would be a major success.”


Edit: Wait... this might be old or bullshit... their ages are wrong.

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