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We used to get the New Yorker. I guess our subscription ended a few months ago. I think it's really nice to have something to read on paper! You can read people talking on the internet any time.

I like the New York mostly but sometimes it gets on my nerves because it assumes all its readers are privileged. e.g. one time there was this article on what to get for people when they invite you to their summer house (!?!?!??!)

I still get the National Geographic! I don't read it as much as I should.

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is it really expensive? $15 a year http://www.nationalgeographic.com/magazines/index.html

today I read a few articles from Christian Century: one on psychotherapy and the other on consumerism

i was really impressed at how broad-mined and smart the authors seemed. XD The article on psychotherapy brought up a number of important issues I didn't expect them to mention like that improperly done bible counseling for many people will just amount to abuse and neglect. It also talked about how you can't have "just the bible", even "straight bible" itself is a personal interpretation. The more progressive bible therapy seems a lot like plain therapy but with a more metaphors. at the same time it wasn't preachy (LOL) for any side

The second article was one of the best articles on materialism I've ever read! It discussed how feeling superior to others, because you're ~choosing~ to have less, is wrong in itself, and a privilege as well as doing the whole blah-blah-blah americans consume a lot talk. but the author's personal opinion was that any abstinence, whatever the reason, is helpful at this point

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