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nobody here understands chemistry thread


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here's another one xP I wonder if GPS is thinking women are stupid for me making this, I bet I'm better at chem though.

check my problems? post yours if any and I can try to help also :D. These are going to be really long so no obligation to do it all through ok, a big part of this is just going over it in my head, kind of like a chem journal.

Okay this is a photon energy problem!

Wavelength of photon is .5 cm. What is the frequency and photon energy? What is the energy of a mole of photons?

by wavelength = c (speed of light: 2.9979 times 10^8 meters/second) times frequency,

frequency = 6 x 10^10 seconds^-1.

Given the energy of a photon = (Planck's constant: 6.620755 x 10^-34 Joules x seconds) (frequency)

Energy of photon = 4 x 10^-23 J

Energy mol photons = (4 x 10^-23 J) x (6.022 x 10^23) = 24 J

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It's not that we don't understand Chem, it's just none of us remember all the formulas xx years after taking it. At least with regular math you can brute force a formula and come somewhat close.

All I remember is stoichoimetry D:

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haha dude this is intro to general chemistry 101. yeah, i havent seen this crap since my junior year of high school. back when ap chem parties were cool and i idled in #chemistry on irc. man i was a dork back then.

to say this chem is infantile compared to what youll be taking later on is quiteeee a large understatement. this is like the appitizer sampler at applebees. but applebees is the field of chemistry, and the potato skins are quantum theory, the quesadillas are atomic theory, and the wings are chemical reactions chapter. unfortunately none of them are enough to provide any real substance at all into each subject.

and, oh yeah... the waiter messed up your order and gave you the hell's fury pain atomic hot wings. that's the reactions chapter part 1 early in the year. once you think its over, the wings return with a vengence on your other orifice. and that's the reactions chapter part 2 later in the year.

enjoy your meal.

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i hypothesize that if you shoot babies out of a cannon through a slot onto a wall they produce a diffraction pattern. this is due to the fact that babies sometimes behave as particles, or, individual babies, and at other times behave as waves of baby. babies are both waves and particles of probability.

now who wants to test my hypothesis

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if you could explain How to compute charles law, that would help me alot.

its just algebra man.

assuming stp for ideal gases v is volume and t is temperature in kelvin, v/t = v'/t'

the equation shows a proportional relationship between temp and volume. if you have the values for three variables, you can easily use algebra to solve for the other one.

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