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The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth


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The strokes new cd - First Impressions of Earth comes out Early January, but I found need out of curiosity to download the leak.

Anyway, I find the cd to be excellent, suburb example of british rock and far more experimental than any of theyre previous releases. It seems to have a hint (not too much) of old-school radiohead-esque flair to it.

A different and excellent listen! anyone else check this out?

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a lot of metal lately is crap. it's just a shitload of growling and really bad lyrics with a lot of metal noise in the background.

same thing with emo bands. they all sound pretty much the same to me, just a bunch of distorted chords that have a tiny bit of harmony to them and badly written lyrics. the only real difference I see between Metal and Emo is that Metal usually is older musicians whereas Emo is justa bunch of whiny bitches right out of college.

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