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Rogue Galaxy


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Since LinkOcarinaMan is too much of a homosexual to start a thread about this game, I felt that it was my duty to do it in his stead (and if it turns out that I already started a thread on this game a while back, then oops, my bad).

Anyway, I don't have it, nor have I played it. So it's up to you guys to get the discussion going. Is it any good? Should I purchase it? Is it as much of a Skies of Arcadia ripoff as Sega fanboys are making it out to be (even though they haven't played it)? Would it have been better if it were a strategy RPG?


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I played a few minutes of the demo. I thought the battle system was pretty fun. The game caught my attention when I saw a preview for it a while ago. I'm almost positive I'm going to pick it up. But I'm afraid it may just end up in the games left to finish pile a while after I buy it. :/

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I'm up to Chapter 6, so I have yet to see if the US version has fixed the Gradius Tower (A horrible tower in the JP version, 8 floors, each more identical than the last and each requiring a key to get to the next floor... then when you were done the tower would flip over and you had to do it again).

AI could use improvement. (most noticeable when fighting mimics, mimics are frustrating)

You should expect to play well over 40 hours, and that's not including if you do the insectron tournaments, the hunter missions, or try to complete the revelation grid.

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