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While exploring the vast and forbidding interweb, I stumbled upon a couple little animated videos and was kicked square in the face by the realization that I could use the internet to find more. I've always loved animation and I love finding new/odd/cute things. (Probably explains my attraction to anime, and subsequently, my being here.)

Just today, I came across a short music video by the French(?) artist Emilie Simon called Flowers. It's cute as all hell, and seeing stop-motion still used is great(or perhaps compter generated things that look like stop-motion). Check it out here. It's remniscent of The Nightmare Before Christmas, but it reminds me really strongly of something else. I can't place it, though.

Another quick animation (on the same site) by Gainax called Daicon IV was pretty cool. I downloaded the entire thing off of eMule and it looks like it's a silent short film set to changing music. I haven't watched the full thing yet, only the opening off of the site. You can see it here, if you're interested. It features some sky-surfing that is clearly the insperation for the (near identical) scene in FLCL.

So, in conclusion, if you've got any cool animations or suggestions, freakin' tell me.

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