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Alundra's Mix - Feb. 7th, 2007


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Alright, so this compilation is basically the playlist I use when I need to sit down and concentrate or finish inking a drawing when I lose inspiration. It's mainly filled with acoustic and mellow tracks, which a select few can tell right off the bat with the track selection off of some heavy albums.

Here we go:

It Touches Me In My Happy Place

1. "Atlantis Pt. 2 - The Sea Of Antiquity" - Derek Sherinian

2. "Osmosis" - Liquid Tension Experiment

3. "Motherfucker=Redeemer" - Godspeed You, Black Emperor!

4. "Havona" - Weather Report

5. "Pull Me Under" - Dream Theater

6. "Madness Caught Another Victim" - Evergrey

7. "Follow Me To Sleep" - Spock's Beard

8. "I Saw The Sky In The North Open To The Ground And Fire Poured Out" - Gregor Samsa & Red Sparrowes

9. "Buried In Oblivion" - Into Eternity

10. "Sweet Dream" - Jethro Tull

11. "La Villa Strangiato" - Rush

12. "Dryad Of The Woods" - Pain Of Salvation

13. "Blackest Eyes" - Porcupine Tree

14. "Take The Veil Cerpintax" - The Mars Volta

15. "Girls Don't Cry" - The Pillows

16. "Waves" - Guthrie Govan

17. "Weak And Powerless" - A Perfect Circle

The tracks were ripped off directly out of iTunes, if there are any problems, please let me know so I can rehost in a different format.

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