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Anyone here excited for Lost tonight?


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I hate to admit it, but no matter how much I try to hate this show, every freaking episode draws me in. I think I've figured it out... Lost is essentially nonsensical situations and a shaky premise, saved by some of the best (in the moment) writing and character acting on TV.

Now if only they could make it seem like they actually have a long term plan. You know, like Heroes does... Instead of this thing where it looks like from week to week they're changing the rules and purpose of the show.

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Desmond is one of my fav characters. Very good episode last night.

The mini-arc with "the others" was quite the disappointment. Glad to see we're beginning to see the people back on the 'main' island again.

Did anybody see the video of the Brainwashing video played in reverse?

There is a lady's voice that keeps repeating "only fools are enslaved in time and space".

A lot of theories have been floating around for a while now dealing with the Island existing on an alterred time plane or the possibilities of time travel. It looks like Desmond's episode confirms the inclusion of some sort of time manipulation in some way.



http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x16l6b_newbrain (brainwash video)

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Observation Island huh? I wonder if that's where the eyepatch guy is... Well, considering they now have a boat hopefully there'll be some more on that.

Oh and yeah I had heard the space time thing before, and I thought desmonds little flashes were sorta confirming it. Because he mentions he saw Charlie die twice, and saved him twice. And there's no way he could be fully living through those events again because he'd be on his 3rd trip around by now, his mind or something had to be freed by that detonation... But yeah that video is eerie. Hmm... Thanks Lost, more to ponder. Just what I needed.

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