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The Departed 2 & 3?

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Mark Whalberg talks about the possibility of one Departed sequel and a prequel.

They’re talking about bringing in De Niro to play a senator or a congressman ... You know, the corruption obviously going deeper and higher up the ranks — reaching up the political chain. So it’ll be fun. And if it’s a success, they’re gonna do a prequel and bring everyone back…make it a trilogy.

Can anyone say "Scorsese's Masterpiece Trilogy?"

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This is great. They made a prequel and a sequel to Infernal Affairs, so they might as well do it to The Departed since it's an adaptation of Infernal Affairs and all.


I wonder if it'll just be Whalberg and DeNiro in D2 or maybe they'll get some more top-notch actors to fill the shoes of DeCaprio, Nicholson, and Damon.

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Man, you know what would be cool. If we had spoiler tags on this forum!!

Oh wait...

In all seriousness though I think Scorsese should focus on other awesome projects rather than milking a good thing for everything its worth.

Scorsese can do whatever the fuck he wants and people will love it. Do you want to know why? I'll tell you why...

He's Martin Fuckin' Scorsese, that's why.

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Huh... Well, Marky Mark was the only one left at the end and the beginning of the movie basically covered most of the characters' lives... I'm not really sure how there's room for a prequel, and DiCaprio made the movie for me.

That being said, if there's another I'll gladly see it.

There is room for a prequel because it has been done in Hong Kong.

And put Scorsese in charge of directing this and we've got a great film.

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