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Welcome Dave Brozer!!


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Hey man~!!

Welcome to Accelerated Evolution! We all hope you stay and post a lot. <3 I would recommend posting in Random Thoughts especially.

AE is always really excited about new members, and even though we may seem to already be friends with each other, we really want you to be our friend too. <3<3

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word up

go post pics of yourself and see if Amy will bang you: http://www.accelerated-e.com/index.php?showtopic=11

I was about to post "IN BEFORE TIM SAYS 'WORD UP'!" But I was too late.

Anyway, I'll stop fanboying over Tim's speech patterns long enough to welcome our new member.

Hint: RT scares the shit out of me, too. Say anything you like and someone will probably respond to it. It's kind of a free for all, but it's good conversation.

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Yes, we always respond to RT posts especially if the member is new. I don't know why it scares CF, I had a long conversation with him in there about something-or-other

It scares me because on nearly every other message I've ever been on (that I was interested in) I could type/post fast enough to update every single topic in every single forum and then take a break for awhile. RT defies that.

Still, RT is indeed tight. I've been getting more into it lately.

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