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Reminder: RT Podcast will return


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Random Thought's Podcast will return sunday mornings at 1AM.

From now on pre-show starts at midnight, especially this week as there are things I want to do.

If anyone wants to toss up a time that might be better, I'm all ears.

I'm going to either get a RSS up and running TONIGHT, or finish setting up a space on Podshow.com

http://del.icio.us/Gundampilotspaz/podcast2 - for stories we WILL talk about, it should be up to date at about 8 tonight. I'll talk to an admin about getting a section where people can post story suggestions, or if you wanna set up a Del.icio.us account you can tag things for me to look at by tagging things with both "for:Gundampilotspaz" and "podcast1"

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I was actually relistening to the first couple episodes recently! It's funny stuff, we should definitely bring it back.

I dunno if I'll be able to make it for the beginning... Midnight to around two for you is... nine to eleven for me, PST, right? I just woke up, so I hope that's right.

Who knows, though, I'll certainly try and show up.

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