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I've got a prof for physics who I really like who's teaching a section of Physics III next term that works out with my schedule as it currently is. I currently have the worst prof in the department's section next term. I've decided to rectify this by scheduling an appointment with the Registrar himself (I've gotten nowhere dealing with the secretary in the office in the past). The reason I've had problems with the secretary is that my reasons for needing the switch haven't been "good enough". I admit the first one wasn't , but the subsequent ones had some merit. Now that I'm dealing with the Registrar, who's reportedly very nice, if he needs a reason, what should I use? The truth, that I"m switching sections because I like the professor I currently have and want to have him again next term, or something else? Any other suggestions?

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How about a more serious response?

Tell him that the professor is an alien and knows that you know, and is trying to kill you so you don't give away his secret.

SRSLY THO, Foldered's response was good. I agree with him. If you're going to be paying the ridiculously high amounts of money that tuitions cost these days, they should treat your requests with more respect and concern.

But if they have a good reason that you shouldn't be allowed to, which they may... then just deal with it, I guess.

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I go to a small school so I'm not sure if this works for the larger onces, but if the reason why you are having trouble switching is because the class is full you could try talking to the professor and getting him/her to let you in.

But don't say just say it's because you like your current professor, say the other ones teaching styles don't work with your learning styles. Make it seem like it's impossible for you to learn from the other one. Sounding [just] slightly desparate will help your cause.

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I got things worked out. Turns out that the secretary is just a bitch. Emailing the Associate Registrar, I found out all I needed to do was get an add/drop form (since the class was at absolute max) and get it signed by the prof. My prof refused b/c it wouldn't be fair to other students who wanted to get into his class.

The Physics II final was a real bastard, but no slots have opened up in his section all week. Still, I found another prof that's been highly recommended, and I switched my schedule around. From now on, I'll just deal with the Assoc. Registrar.

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