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please don't post picture of dead turkey or something it is old.

Ah puns hidden within vague seriousness, how I love thee.

Anyway, why the dead turkey hate? Why do you not want the turkeys to experience what comes after life? The potential explosion where their energies become one with the cosmos, true happiness, and you want to deny them that? Feh, some turkey supporter. Me, I cherish turkeys, that's why I'll both let them experience

1. Freedom

2. Purpose

3. Discovery

4. lack of overpopulation

Now, I've got work to do, because we all "supposedly" *looks at Lindsay* support turkeys in our own way.

*goes to make a turkey sandwich*

He would have wanted to be basted in mustard.

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T_______T I hate venom, please ban him, Hero.

Don't hear her call Hero of Time, the legend of lands far and times long past, she only seeks to destroy me that I may reveal her as the false prophet to turkeys that she actually is! With the aide of Shift the Ape she has been perpetrating their culture and filling their minds with lies! I'm one of the few who knows this, and she'll kill anyone with the secret!

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