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Fat Opie


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Alright. As far as I know, I'm one of very, very, very few people on the internet who know about this band. I think it's time to change that.

Fat Opie was a band from California. My mom's best friend was the bassist, before they broke up. They released two albums under "Fat Opie", and one under "Otis". They're a sort of alternative band with very strange and enjoyable lyrics, which I might or might not get around to transcribing later.

For your pleasure, I'm going to upload the three albums there are. I'll add the links as the uploads finish.

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I will upload their album "Hipsters, Freaks, Fags and Homeboys" quite soon. The Upload is in progress.


Lucinda Died in the Desert - 4:28

Banjo Song 3 - 2:50

Cake - 4:54

Double Yellow - 3:52

Sway - 3:47

The Music of Guy Lombardo - 3:29

A Camel To The Mouth - 3:33

Spinning - 4:10

Farmers Daughters From Salinas - 4:18

The "Fat Opie" tracklist:

Intro - 0:30

Airstream - 3:26

Cowboy Tune - 3:53

Mouth Like a Trucker - 4:34

Bullets In My Briefcase - 3:48

Pinata - 5:22

Trash Like You - 5:11

Pocket Knife - 1:23

Carmelita - 3:52

Porcelain - 3:55

Mubleeepeg - 4:04

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