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What you got for x-mas thread.


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I'll update this as I get more stuff tommorow (i had relatives over tonight to give gifts)

I got:

- Red Nintendo DS

DS Carrying Case (Holds DS and 4 carts)

Mario Kart DS

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

- Red Mario T-Shirt

- Timex Iron Man Triatholon Watch

- Nice new Sweater

- 100 dollars

- Bronson Arroyo: Covering the Bases (awesome, includes covers of ALice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Incubus.

- The Simpsons: Operation (board game)

- 200 dollar leather sports jacket (omg it's love, ill take a pic later)

- Radio Remote Controlled Helicopter (Flies 50 feet high) - Given to me and GPS since we never got one as little kids and GPS recently mentioned that.

- Sudoku (Cool Japanese Puzzle Game) - Apperantly this is like the new hot thing, but I havent heard of it. It looks cool though. I love how my mom gets cool little stocking stuffers.

- Meshuggah: Catch Thirty Three

- PS2 Slime Controller (The Blue Slime from Dragon Quest in a controller ^_^)

- Everquest II (Gonna play it and Guild Wars)

- Giorgio Armani's 'Armani Code' Cologne

List above is being updated as I get new things.

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-ESP F-250 Guitar

-Spider II 210 amp (150watts of power)

-Boss SuperOverdrive pedal

-New guitar stand

-The Art of Metal Gear Solid 1.5 (book)

-A really nice set of Japanese drawing pens and a Japanese brush pen

-A new pair of studio headphones


-$50 to Rainbow Guitars, giftcards to the movie theater/food places, and $50 to Best Buy

This has been my favorite Xmas evarrrr.

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- Clothes (which I KNOW cost around $200~)

- A down feather comforter and down feather pillows(Brittany's gonna be waaaaarrrm tonight)

- SoulCalibur III

- $50 Visa from grandparents

- $30 gift card to Waldens from grandpa

- $100 from ex-step-dad

- and various little things that my sisters thought were apparently cute. xD

Also got three pretty bracelets from my ex-step-aunt and uncle~ :O They're like...uber pretty~ And sparkly~

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1. The Cat Returns on DVD

2. Kung Fu Hustle on DVD

3. Shaolin Soccer on DVD

4. $100

5. Totoro T-Shirt (it's super-cute!)

6. Dr. Strangelove on DVD

I'll probably get more stuff tomorrow. I love my parents. Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer? My mind exploded.

More stuff (after dinner presents... Yes, I ate dinner at 10:30 at night. It's fairly common around my house):

Steamboy on DVD

Steamboy Ani-Manga Vol. 1

I've only watched the first few minutes of Steamboy (I gave my mom a Godzilla movie and she wanted to watch that instead) but the picture quality is fucking amazing. Steamboy is entirely too good. I love this movie like nothing else. It has inspired me to change my profile, too.

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- MK DS Bundle (Fuck. The red and silver scheme of the DS is sexy.)

- Metal DS case

- Advance Wars DS

- Revenge of the Sith DS

- Gaming gift card.

- Gun's N' Roses greatest hits

- Beach Boys CD

- Walmart Gift card

- War of the Worlds novel (Not the lame ass movie version. Original print hardcover.)

- Some puzzle book. (I haven't looked at it yet, though I know I'll be obsessed with it)

- Socks

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I got lots of stuff, as of now have only opened candy/altoids/kiwi/sweatshirt *WEARING* but I know what most is. I went shopping with my mom for other people last night and since I didn't want anything big I just pointed at random objects like "i want that" and got them xD. I got a Lemon Swirly Negg and some rose shakes which I am collecting from neopets friends & guild also ^^ (i think it would be the most beautiful thing to have sixty four thousand rose shakes)~

- Blue "It's all greek to me" sweatshirt, in greek xD

- tin of sour raspberry altoids (!!!) & tin of licorice altoids (!!!)

- kiwi in stocking

- 2 expensive health food smoothie drinks! Like Odwalla, but not

- more candy :D

- 2 trays of Trader Joe's (a natural food store in New England) sushi xD It's fake but sooo good, will share with sister.

- some classy italian mozarella-oil-artichoke-tomato salad thing, also from Trader Joe's

- 4 pairs of funky colored socks <3 I asked for these from relatives also!

- A thermos cup so I can drink coffee in school in the morning :D

- a brown/green tiedye shirt

- My sister has psychic abilities (really) and she said she'd bless some of my Altoids ^^

- A new lamp for my room (i can't use my desk cause no lamp ^^; eh but I've seen the new one, don't like it, probably will make my mom return it because it's just from pottery barn kids and >>;;;; I appreciate the gesture though)

- Squishy octopus from iparty

- 2 seed bead rings & 1 mood bangle from iparty

- a novelty yellow butterfly pen from iparty ^^;; (I wanted to gooo)

- books from my dad! I don't know what they are yet but I asked for books about social justice.

- 2 homemade cookies from Katherine, wrapped really nicely in red & gold tissue paper. ^^ I was happy to have them because a lot of people had presents on the right corner of their desk like a good luck charm, and then I did too~. they also tasted good

- small tin of homemade cookies from Julia xDD (I received them after school! they were also good, not as good but the tin was so exciting it made up)

(can you tell I was really hungry when I went shopping hahaha. I AM PSYCHED! then i got home and we had fruit juice popsicles and my dad made jambalaya, and also smoked mackerel and we also have lots of frozen egg rolls and mini hot dogs and stuff to eat while opening presents. i love interesting food like this)

My sister got Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and she keeps eating the sardine and vomit ones like "AUGH! THIS IS SO GROSS!!!" but she's still so excited about having them xD

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hahha well I have not opened presents yet but my mom gave me a gift early from my grandma:~

-make up (it is great, like the concealer matches my skin perfectly and PINK LIPSTICK <33)

-jewelry (it is kind of cute)

-25$ from my dad hahaha (+ money added to my "college account")

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- 19' Flat panel LCD monitor (absoloutely no ghosting and no dead pixels)

- Seagate 160 GB External Hard Drive

- A new pillow

- Around 300$ in gift cards

- Some clothes

I have some other stuff, and my parents will pick up the stuff my close family got me while I'm at work tomorrow.

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hahha well I have not opened presents yet but my mom gave me a gift early from my grandma:~

-make up (it is great, like the concealer matches my skin perfectly and PINK LIPSTICK

-jewelry (it is kind of cute)

-25$ from my dad hahaha (+ money added to my "college account")

Concealer is a gods send, I also use other masking make-up for under my eyes.

good stuff.

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I got:

Jackson DKMGT Dinky guitar

And iPod (Well, not really, I paid for it myself)


Guitar Strings

Guitar Stand

Guitar Strap

Money from grandparents, but that's going right into my parents pocket as the iPod is on loan I guess.

I got two big ass presents so that's about it.

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