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Bands that you think no one else might know about

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Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Ted Leo has been around in the indie scene for over a decade and he still fucking rocks!

The Fine Print - Its Tycho from Penny-Arcade's band from a few years back. I doubt they still play at all, and I've only been able to get my hands on three tracks, but all three are damn good.

Downtown Brown - Rock band out of Flint Michigan. Most all of their songs are humorous including "Cream Corn" and "Mullet Millennium"

Wishbone Ash - Horribly underrated 70's hard rock. If you like Floyd, you should check out their album "Argus"

Another Misprint - I know the bassist/singer for this Ska band from the greater Flint area. They've got one album that they recorded and produced themselves and a couple of the songs are quality

The Hot Flashez - Another Ska band from Flint, I knew and played with their former Trumpet player. These guys have a strong following and have for a while seemed close to signing with a major label, but just recently they called it quits.

The Swellers - Punk band from Flint. I don't have any of their stuff in my possession, but what I've heard is good. These guys played a couple dates of Warped Tour this summer despite the fact that some of them are still in high school.

Mike Vasas – Singer-Songwriter who currently resides in Lansing MI. Has got some really good material. Lots of insightful ballads reminiscent of James Taylor or Paul Simon’s solo stuff. He also dabbles in Rock, blues, electronica, and more strait pop.

Michael Smith – Another Singer-Songwriter, this guy has been around for at least three decades. Wrote the song “The Dutchman” back in the 70’s which was covered by over a dozen other artists, including Steve Goodman and The New Kingston Trio. He also has songs covered by Jimmy Buffet. Smith still tours, primarily in the Midwest

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Ohhhh... almost forgot.



Human Host

Some local experimental bands I've seen and know. The mebers of Passiou happen to be some of my best friends ever. I've only met the Human Host guys once, but they're really good and pretty big around the Baltimore scene apparently.

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Since I'm into Surf/Instro music, most of the bands I like are unknowns. But, I'll list some of the ones worth checking out. Insect Surfers, VaraTones, Man or Astroman, Mel-Tones, MerMen, Rumblers, Los Straitjackets, Satan's Pilgrims...I have a million of these, if you're interested just let me know!..

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Indie, if you want excellent Classic Surf music (early '60's vintage), get the Rumblers' BOSS album. Best Surf/Instro you'll ever hear. If you want New Surf (80's/90's stuff), get the Insect Surfers, or the Mel-Tones. Enjoy!...

Note: Classic Surf has alot of sax in it, which compliments the electric guitar extremely well...

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