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Rockman ZX: Advent


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Taken from it's Wiki,

(ロックマンゼクスアドベント, Rokkuman Zekusu Adobento?) is the second installment of the Mega Man ZX series of Mega Man video games. The game was first revealed at the World Hobby Fair in Japan,[1] and it was soon after reaffirmed on Capcom's official website. It is confirmed that the game will appear on the Nintendo DS, and according to an article on Japanese Gaming site EG,[2] will surpass the previous title in many aspects.

[edit] Current details

Revealed through Japanese magazine scans at Go Nintendo[3] were the first true details of the game. The game will star two new protagonists, Grey/Gray (グレイ, Gurei?) (male), who is described as a 14-year-old failed experiment awakened from a cryogenic sleep, and Ashe (アッシュ, Asshu?) (female), a 15-year-old ruin hunter who works for Legion, a government organization that oversees the world's affairs. Prometheus and Pandora from the first ZX game also return, and the two are focal points in each character's unique stories. Thus far, the only Live Metal shown is Model A. This transformation combats with two large hand-cannons, can use homing shots, and can assume the identity of fallen Repliroids. Although what the "A" actually stands for is yet to be seen, the Live Metal's abilities and appearance bear many similarities to Axl from the Mega Man X series. Another minor detail is that Grey and Ashe can use a buster gun in their human forms (unlike Vent and Aile).[4]





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