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Gay Marriage

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I don't understand.

What don't you understand?

"Civil-marriages entail a wide range of entitlements, including social security, health insurance, taxation, inheritance and other benefits unavailable to couples unmarried in the eyes of the law." -wikipedia

and some of this will raise taxes.

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i say that people should be allowed to get married, regardless of race/sex/sexaul prefrence/anything. the fact that all these extreme homophobes are trying to ban gay marridge is stupid, just cause you ban marridge doesn't mean that you'll get rid of the gay couples. let them be themselves, rather than forcing heterosexaulity on them by banning gay marridge.


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i think everyone no matter who their SO is should have the same rights married couples have. gay people should be able to have legal guardianship over children if the other should die, should be able to see the other in the hospital if the situation is so severe only 'family' is allowed, and well, should be able to have what everyone else has. i really see no harm in it, just like there is no harm in interracial marriage.

how's it hurt other people?

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I am against gay marriage!!!! Now, that I got your attention time for me to explain.

I feel that marriage is something that should belong to the Church. The word "marriage" should have no place in government. It instead should be a religious ceremony for religious couples who want to be religiously united. Then comes the second half. There still should be civil unions. After getting married in a church (Or before, doesn't matter) the couple needs to go and get legally united. They go to a court or some other legal place, sign some papers, and voila everyone's happy. Religious homophobes can live in peace. Civil rights activists can live in peace. Church-State seperatists can live in peace.

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