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I hear that some black people are really bothered by white people with dreadlocks, because they're like appropriating something that's supposed to build solidarity and be a symbol. so i would respect that :hardgay:

and my hair is pretty thin so it would look ridiculous on me, there would be maybe 4 or 5 dreads XD

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I came like <-> this close to getting dreads a year or two ago, when I had black and blonde hair, and I was going to get a few strands half bleached and have pink/other colours put through. It'd look awesome-o. But then I got too scared that my hair would be too thick and it'd look like I had a giant mop-head.

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I have a friend who has dreads, and the thing about them is, you have to basically be dirty to have them. I would never want to see that kid in anything nice looking because it just wouldn't really work, and it also attracts dirty girls.

But I like dirty girls, so it's up to you.

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