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Hi there.

Does anyone here do/take commissions for artwork? If you do, what's the best way to go about getting any sort of publicity about it? I really want commissions. Or, people to buy stuff I've already done. But like, 0 interest in my work right now. I've just had my first commission for a tattoo design, that was kinda cool. I'm getting 40 dollars for it. But really, what's the best way?

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if you want to get into commercial stuff i can make a big post with all the stuff i learned at school, but if you're just looking for more private "hey can you do this drawring for me?" stuff i suggest:

-getting a website to show off your stuff

-showing off your stuff on sites that specialize in advertising artists. there are a bunch like fecalface and illustration mundo, but most of the stuff there all looks alike and kinda sucks ass. but there's conceptart.org which is AWESOME and has postings for jobs all the time

-make friends with other people who want to do the same thing. someone might approach your friend with a job that they don't want to do so your friend sends the client your way. "oh man i'm booked solid, but i know someone you might want to talk to..."

and pretty much anything to get your name/art out there

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