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Guitar Hero 3 songs


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so in the latest issue of game informer magazine they had a section on guitar hero 3 songs. so far it looks like stairway to heaven, master of puppets, back in black, and layla are going to be on the new game. i was also was wondering what people think would be cool songs in the guitar hero.

i for one think that spoonman by soundgarden would be a great song to be added to the game.

Alundra EDIT: topic title fixed.

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I wish they would develop software to convert your songs to the "GH format"... however hard that may be. Even if they haver no chance of making it I'd definately like to see Review Mirror by PJam, Freak Scene by Dino Jr., Pattern Against User by ATDI, Iron Tusk by Mastodon, anything by Screaming Trees, Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, NOT AC/DC, Complete Control by The Clash, Dogs by Floyd, Achilles Last Stand by Zep amongst others. Thats a long list. Radiohead would be amazing.

I need to get this for the 360.

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