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Some issues.

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So, today has been just wonderful. My mom intentionally overdosed on her medicine (she said it would make her sleepy as fuck and not affect her otherwise... and for the most part that's been true, but I was scared as fuck when she told me), I had a knot in one of the muscles in my neck, and one of my friend's dad got into an accident and went to the hospital.

So basically, today sucked.

More about the accident thing, though. Since that's the main reason why today wasn't so great, is because this girl I'm quite fond of (her name is Joise) could have possibly lost her father today.

We were by my house, hanging out, as we usually do. Normally, it's Josie, 'Tina (Short for Christina), and myself. Today, one of the neighbors joined us (his name's Austin). We were just sitting around talking as usual, when she (Josie) got a phone call from her mother. She got up and walked away (not too far, mind you) and she had a stern sort of look on her face. I figured something bad probably happened. Unfortunately, I was right.

I grabbed my jacket, put it on, and walked over to her. I noticed that after she hung up, she began to cry. I almost immediately took her into my arms and held her, but I didn't want to ask what was wrong as it might make her more upset. I was still showing that I cared, however.

Her phone rang and I let her go so she could answer it. Tina asks me if I know what happened, and I say no. After Josie gets off the phone, I ask her. She informs me and Tina that her dad and stepmom just got into a motorcycle accident. The moment she says this, I dropped my head a little. They were in the hospital. I know what that's like, especially because it happened to my mom (she got into an accident in a 1974 Volkswagen with nothing more than seatbelts and metal. The car was shorter afterwords, to say the least). Naturally, my mind thought about the worst case scenario.

Now, being a compassionate person (when I need to be), and having experienced the same thing before, I was genuinely sorry, despite the fact that I had no involvement in it (aside from embracing Josie whilst she cried).

Josie's mom called back, needing her brother's phone number (Josie's brother, Crayton). She didn't have it on her, so we had to go to her dad's house (her parents are divorced). We walked there with a brisk pace for no particular reason, in silence. The only thing on my mind was how devastated Josie would be if her father was dead. I could hardly stand the thought of it.

We got to her father's house and went inside, where she got the phone number for her mom and told her mom what it was. At this point, Tina, who has also been in Joise's shoes, tried to lighten the mood to no avail. Josie was frantically trying to get permission to go to the hospital with her brother (it's kind of complicated why she had to ask, I don't know why either), and my mind was still stuck on what very well may be the grim reality of the situation.

Josie, half in tears, was storming around the first floor of the house talking to her mother, Tina was sitting on a stair trying to lighten the mood (as I said), and I was just sitting on the couch (or rather, the edge of the couch) thinking and staring at the floor.

Soon enough, Crayton showed up and was surprised that me (about 6 foot tall, quite wide, big dude) opened the door, as opposed to Josie (who's about 5 foot 6, very thin, and quite small). Since Josie was going to leave, she gave me a hug and said "Thank you", and whilst I wanted to say something to the extent of "I wish you the best", my mind couldn't figure out how to vocalize it, so I just sort of said "You're welcome" in a reflexive stupor.

When walking back to my house with Tina (who happens to live right next to me), the only thing I could seem to figure out to say at first was "fuck" in a sort of solemn tone. Tina asked me what that was about and I explained that I know what it's like to have parents in the hospital due to automobile accidents. I also explained that I felt horrible, and that sometimes I think I care too much about things (I really shouldn't feel too horrible for something that won't directly affect me, but alas). Tina reassured me that I could never care too much (whether this was a good thing that she said that to me or not), and about halfway through her spiel I told her "I get it, Tina."

The rest of the walk (which was only about half a block) was spent in silence, as most of the walking before was, too. Tina told me not to get too worried about it.

Anywho, despite being told not to worry, I have been. I mean, after all, I care quite a bit about my friends (at least those loyal enough to care just as much back) and if this situation proves to turn out for the worse I'll feel bad regardless of what anybody says because I know I wouldn't have been able to help the situation at all.

Sometimes I wish I could just play god, y'know?

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Ouch. I, too, know what it's like to have a parent in the hospital (not for an accident, though). Unfortunately for me, my mom ended up dying (of cancer). The best you can do is make her feel comfortable. Hook her on some Genesis games, that helped me (seriously, that's like ALL I did for weeks before and after the funeral).

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Dude. Like ... wow. :ohmy:

Yeah, there's not much else one can say than that, really.

Ouch. I, too, know what it's like to have a parent in the hospital (not for an accident, though). Unfortunately for me, my mom ended up dying (of cancer). The best you can do is make her feel comfortable. Hook her on some Genesis games, that helped me (seriously, that's like ALL I did for weeks before and after the funeral).

Sorry about your mom dying of cancer. That's no way to go at all. I had a buddy's grandma die of lung cancer on her birthday and my mom had to go in to surgery to get three tumors removed from her breasts (luckily, she doesn't have cancer. The tumors were malignant).

As far as the Genesis thing goes, I'd have to find my fucking Genesis first. It'd probably be easier if I just got her hooked on Warcraft 3 or something.

Anywho, I haven't heard from her today. I probably won't until tomorrow or Tuesday. So in the meanwhile, although my mind isn't as concerned with it, I can't do much else but wait.

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That is really unfortunate, and devastating.

You know when you were younger, and there were these things called "paint by numbers?" I think that life is sort of like one of those, except you only get one color to paint with. You have to make things last and work, even though they won't last, or work.

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So I got the news today.

Her dad suffered a broken pelvic bone, two broken wrists, an injured shoulder, and a minor concussion.

Her step-mom suffered a broken leg -- All three bones in the leg, and her shin was a compound fracture. Most of the muscles, veins, and arteries in her leg got all twisted together and cut off the circulation to one of her muscles long enough so that the muscle died. Even after she gets out of the casts, she won't be able to walk without a cane or walker. Quite unfortuneate, really. She also suffered a minor concussion.

It's quite sad about her mom's condition, but hey, it's nice to know that her parents made it out alive and relatively well. Seeing as how they were on a motorcycle, it could have been much, much worse.

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