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Chrono of The Black Howling

During sex: A what are you listening or reading to now mega thread

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"Kill your mother/ rape your dog" durring sex (My Dying Fetus)

"I would be your slave" durring sex (David Bowie)

"God knows im good" durring sex (David Bowie)

"Run to the hills"durring sex (Iron Maiden)

"Blow job from a rattle snake" durring sex (Nashville Pussy)

"Say something nasty" durring sex (Nashville Pussy)

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"Every little thing she does is magic" during sex. (The Police)

"Don't stand so close to me" during sex. (The Police)

"Whip it" during sex. (Various artists)

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The Moody Blues - The Swallow during sex

The Vines - She's Got Something To Say during sex (Don't you hate that)

Jimi Hendrix - Fire during sex (Think VanWilder)

Pearl Jam - Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town during sex (Gross?)

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"Ghost" during sex. (Plastic Tree)

"Persecution Complex" during sex. (Gullet)

"Crying in the Rain" during sex. (EVE)

"Falling in to you" during sex. (Moon Hee Jun)

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