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ITT: Characters or things you think members should 'cosplay' as.

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aw man what

here's how i still imagine some people here:

matt: black metal farmer

belial: samurai baker

haya: matt foley

darkon chris: technicolor toga

robin: jesus

gee: master roshi

i'll probably think of more later, these are just the ones that are always on my mind

farmer? :hardgay: is it because of the "American Gothic" meets Immortal avatar I had a while back?

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Set - Lobo

Buki- a walking penis suit

Crubey- Captain Sulu

GPS-Doc Brown

Vampy-Jenna Jameson(for the boobs)

Amy - Champ Bear from Carebears

Robin- Shaggy from Scooby Doo

Foldered- a die hard vegan astronaut

TCZ- Rob Liefeld

I don't come off as that much of a stoner, do I? And Sulu is tight.

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I dunno I could imagine Vampy saying Jinkies.

Chris Green Ranger I fucking love you.

Chris = Red Ranger

Buki = Stiffler's Mom please don't ask me why.

Set = A mix of Set Abominae, Rider from FFVI and a vampiric lustful muscularly handsome sex beast that feeds of the vagina of nuns by night

Brian = SNORLAX!!!

Arse = Dr Cox

Burb = Iron Giant

Wind = Hulk (80's tv show style)

TCZ = Toki

And I always saw yself to keep up with the southern british image of cosplaying as whats his face Vampy's character with the monocle. Only without the gay sex. And I would have to grow my hair again.

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