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Accelerated Evolution


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Upgraded the forums to IPB 2.2.2 (from 2.1.7). Lots of security improvements, speed improvements, and a ton of new features.

Please post any and all bugs if you find any.

I'll get the skin on here tomorrow.

Btw, sorry that took an hour, we have a large DB.

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I think there's a bug in the Emoticon Manager because I can't add or view new Emoticons. IPB has been releasing hotfixes for little bugs for the past few days, as 2.2.2 came out about a week ago. This'll be fixed by next week and I'll add all 4 of those to the board.

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I have broken the board. Upon attempting to fix the smilies (with advice from IPS) I broke smilies entirely. We now have no smilies. We'll have them back in a day or two... I think. I'm working with IPS to get it resolved.

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