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So this weeks the week of the mighty Game Developers Conference. A conference which used to be pretty boring until a few years ago when they started finally using it as a place to do a little marketing. Well, with the death of E3 a large vacuum of upcoming gaming news was left open, and many developers / publishers are using GDC not only as a place to hold conferences about aspects of game design, but also as a place to announce new features to game platforms and all sorts of interesting new goodies.

Here's a consolidated place for any predictions, thoughts, discussion or what have you pertaining to GDC.

I'm pretty interested in hearing about this new "Home" functionality that Sony is rumored to be debuting at the show. Supposedly a little bit Mii, a little animal crossing, a little bit 360 achievements and sorta like an MMO lite. An interesting brew for sure.

Here's a link leading to the post that got kotaku blackballed for a day or so by Sony about PS Home. http://kotaku.com/gaming/sony/playstation-...mark-240868.php

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MS has announced a new 512 MB memory card and tripled the size limit of it's Xbox Live Arcade Games to 150 MB. Also a revamped version of Eets will be coming to XBLA.

Q? Software has announced the development of a new Xbox Live Arcade game.

Sony is also teasing their keynote on the 7th mentioning specifically unannounced games and services to be revealed.

Netdevil (makers of AutoAssault) have signed on to create a Lego MMO. Press release.

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I lost all interest in GDC when I found out that Nintendo isn't going to reveal any new information. I guess Miyamoto's keynote will be rehashed information and the usual "expanding the market" BS that they're always cramming down our throats.

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Miyamoto has always gone off topic and revealed something in his GDC keynotes. Every single time.

What are they going to do if he does it again? Fire him? Punish him? Yeah, right, right.

I fully expect him to be going on about something and suddenly go, "Like we're doing with ______ in Phantom Hourglass."

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Yeah, I'm really looking forward to Miyamoto and Moleneux. Specifically because Miyamoto likes to spill the beans and well, Moleneux likes to lie to us, but it's always fun to see how much he's going to promise. "Fable 2 will have individual skin cells that die off in real time and can be affected by various lotions to preserve your moisture levels. And that will change the very future!"


Q? Entertainment's new XBLA game has been revealed to be Every Extend Extra Extreme.

Konami officially announced the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game for XBLA complete with 2-4 player online co-op and only costs 400 ms points. (5 bucks.)

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Fable 2 info slowly trickling out: Along with the mention that your character can be male or female and have children. (Yes you can get pregnant.) Molyneux announced one of Fable's new features... A dog.

I'll let Brian Crescente explain.

"But the big thing, one of the biggest parts of Fable 2, will be the introduction of a dog to the game. Not just any dog, but your dog. The dog will be faithful to you and will have a deeply nuanced artificial intelligence so you won't actually control your dog at all. Instead your dog will act as a sort of living HUD. The game has no map, no other user interface on screen. Instead you will have to rely on the dog and what he sees and does.

You also will control the dog by your own actions. A great example. You come upon two bad guys and pull our your gun (yes, the game has guns) and the dogs knows automatically attack the closer targets.

Molyneux showed us much more about this amazing dog character, but I'll have to dig into it later in another post. Keep in mind this feature is already 100 percent implemented, meaning it has to be in Fable 2, at least in some sense."

I'm not sure if I'm excited or underwhelmed, especially given Lionhead's record with AI controlled creatures. I wonder if we'll have to beat the shit out of the dog to get it to learn things like in black and white... Plus the whole dog in an RPG thing is bringing up major Secret of Evermore thoughts... Then again the dog in Fallout was badass.

Update: Apparently Kotaku has taken this info down. Not sure if they got hit with an NDA or something.


More info from the Xbox camp.

Blue Dragon has been officially slated for an August release in the US, and will have a downloadable dungeon available soon after release. Sakaguchi added that Lost Oddessy will be available in both the US and Japan this christmas.

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Well being that fable has always been a 3rd person game I would assume you would be able to tell your health via blood loss or armor condition or something. Or the screen could do that red throbbing thing it does in an FPS when your health is low.

Hard to say. I'm betting they decide to add a HUD in anyways.

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Anyone else remember when Fable was the omnigame that would allow you to do anything?

And then it slowly trickled down into a little action/rpg with twisted morals (I get ten evil points for killing my wife, but sixty for divorcing her... k).

Still, if Fable 2 becomes Bushido Blade: The RPG I'd be excited as hell. Bushido Blade had guns in it, too! Well, one gun. And you couldn't use it. But still.

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Yeah, right now he's kept his promises down to a reasonable level. So far I've heard...

-Multiplayer, possibly altering the world when people join

-Can buy anything

-Can have children who always love you and try to be like you

-Have a dog

-Can be female, and get pregnant.

-Can completely alter the flow of history in certain areas by killing people in a settlement before it becomes a town and so on.

So far, these all sound pretty do-able. Although to what extent is the question. I mean I'm sure there's only certain areas that are as free form as he makes them sound, or else there'd be no way to do a story.

Anyways, I totally agree. He's fun to listen to and then compare his craziness to the actual game and see how far off the freaking mark he was. And some of the crap he comes up with is insane. Why the hell would any gamer want to plant a seed and in months it might grow into a tree which you can cut down and plant the seed again? That does not enrich my gameplay experience , sir.

Also, 1ups liveblogging of the Sakaguchi / Molyneux "Evolution of the RPG" session is beginning any time.

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A bit more non MS news coming from GDC today finally.

The New York Times has confirmed Sony's Playstation Home, and gives a suggested release date of Fall.

Sony is reporting they are open to design changes with the SIXAXIS. (Rumble anyone?)

EA will be publishing Harmonix next game, whatever it may be.

Interestingly MS is having a "create a game in 4 days" contest using their XNA software. Source.

Each of the creators is going a wildly different route with the game types as varied as "an overhead shooter, a collection-based platformer, a speech-controlled alien abduction simulator and a two-player, first-person, 3D dungeon crawl."

Should be interesting to see how they do.

Sony's press conference will begin at 10:30 AM PST, I'll put up some liveblogging links up when the keynote goes live.

1ups live-blog. Joystiq / Engadget's liveblog.

Playstation Home in action

Home reminds me a bit of the sims, mixed in with youtube and wiisports and actual physical trophys instead of achievement points.

Other news:

Warhawk for the PS3 is now a download title and Multiplayer only.

LittleBigPlanet, a game focusing on user created content is in production by the makers of Ragdoll Kungfu for the PS3

Killzone 2 was revealed again with the 2 dropped from the name. Mixed reports on how good the quality is, although everyone agrees it's nowhere near the pre-rendered demo from E3 2 years ago.

Singstar - a youtube like karaoke game where you can download and upload content online.

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So, Xbox Live Anywhere, play games on your PC and 360. Great idea right?


MS announces Xbox Live Anywhere will cost 49.99 a year for the gold package. What exactly comes with the gold package is not yet know, for example in Shadowrun you can play against PC users for free, however playing cross platform will require gold. If you already own an Xbox Live Gold account it will work on both 360 and PC.

Hey Microsoft do you know what that sound is? That's the sound of millions of PC gamers laughing at you.

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Next up, Nintendo.

Miyamoto's keynote is set to begin.

Joystiq's liveblog 1up's liveblog

Other news:

Nintendo executive publicly refers to Playstation home as "Mii-too" (That's pretty clever.)

Steven Spielberg announced he is working on a Wii game.

Miyamoto announces he will be working on a new Wii Channel allowing people to compete in popularity contests with their Miis.

Mario Galaxy confirmed to be a 2007 release.

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Little Big Planet is actually pretty cool. :mellow:

I certainly won't buy a PS3 right now, but you shouldn't count it out like that.

I'd be more excited about it if it wasn't so focused on user created content.

The game looks awesome, but a quick trip to the Gamespot/Gamefaqs boards makes you wonder just how well user created levels will come out from the community. Sony hasn't shown off yet how levels are created (..that I know of, anyway), so hopefully it's not tedious as hell to mess around with.

I'm also waiting to hear pricing, because it sounds like something they'd rape users up the ass with microtransactions for.

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