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OK, here's an idea: We all start a new character on the same server, all of the willing participants deciding on server and whether we want our guild to be either Alliance (lawl) or Horde. We then form a guild in whatever manner it takes to form a guild (I've never been a part of one, so I wouldn't know how). Anyone willing to do this?

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I'd LOVE to play with you guys, but the problem is I have so much time invested in my server that has tons of my friends on it, I don't know if I could spend a lot of time on another server. However, if it's just as good as any other server, you're all welcome to come on over to Destromath, a PvP server that I play horde (\m/) on.

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Yeah, it would seem tha majority (sorry allies) wants a horde PvP server, for which my server is as good as any. So if people want, make a character on Destromath and add Dynicthus to your friends list. Also FaultyClockwork has a character on that server as well that he sometimes plays.

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