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City of Villians!

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Where, when, and how do I find one of these stores?

It's only twenty bucks when you buy online... but free is...well.... free.

Where: Anywhere there is a EB or Gamestop in your area.

When: Most of them open at 10am and close at 9:30pm.

I never posted this in the Great Games for Less thread because of how slim a chance people will have with this deal. A long while back EB/Gamestop was having a NC Soft sale, where if you bought any NC Soft game, you'd get your choice of either City of Heroes or City of Villains for free. (that one was posted in the thread.)

EB delayed the deal and then canceled it... then eventually resurrected it a few weeks later. For some reason a few stores have this deal available.

Another way to get it for free (which is even more of a slimmer chance then the first) is to ask if they have it used. Any used PC game at EB and Gamestop is free (or if the manger is an uptight ass, 1 cent).

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You mean with purchase of a new game?

Well, I don't think I trust a used MMO key anyway.

It would have to be a NC Soft game. I don't know what all they have out there, but most people picked up Guild Wars since it doesn't carry a monthly charge.

Another route to go would be if you had any Big Lots stores in the area, check there. Not only do they usually carry some awesome older PC titles like Serious Sam and No One Lives Forever 2, but you can pick up the fat box version of CoV for $6 there (if your store carries it)

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CoH has awesome character customization. Every other MMO looks stupid in comparison.

Of course, the game itself is boring as shit. But you can make really cool looking characters!

One of my buds is really into that game, but he admits it's because he roleplays all the time (like seriously, all the time, he hardly ever plays the actual game) and he also admits the game sucks.

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