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Official Petition to stop the retarded threads

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'kay guys, I know I'm gonna be met with a chorus of OMG INTRANETZ SRS BIZNIZ from Chris and troN, but it really is getting really fucking old and annoying. It's almost as bad as those spam threads we used to get from the spambots.

None of us think it's funny to see a picture of Artie with Simba pasted over his face. It's just retarded. Hell, none of the jokes pertaining to him were funny to begin with, much less a week or two later.

If it's an inside joke with only people that know each other IRL outside the forum... guess what! The rest of us neither care nor think it's funny! We just think you're idiots!

So yeah, in conclusion, IMMA CHARGHIN MAH LAZER.

Who else thinks they should stop? More importantly, why isn't the poll showing up?

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