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Hmmm I wasn't online last night when that happened, but that's a fucking lot of people. And it's highly unlikely that was a bug or a wrong number...

I recently (yesterday afternoon) added a "robots.txt" to the site. It's a file that tells search engine spiders crawling the web that they either can, or can't browse our site. Prior to this, we never had a robots.txt. I don't know if most bots will skip our site if we don't have one... or crawl it. I'll do some Googling today to find out what a lack of a robots.txt translates to.

Either way, 282 users online destroys our old record of 91 back in October. If we start appearing on more search engines based on the content of our site (meaning more google queries or whatever engine are turning out AE links), we're bound to get more members.

Oh, and since I upgraded the board (due to the code changes) we've had less spammers signing up (meaning less accounts for me to manually delete). If we start getting less spammers, I'll be disabling Admin Verification on member signups very soon.

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