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Accelerated Evolution

Let's Play AE Model Galactic Senate! :awesome:

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Mon Calamari would like to offer up 10 Mon Calamari Cruisers up for trade in exchange for foodstuffs and weapons so that we may finally rule our planet with a Iron Fishy Fist!

~Mon Calamari~

We will give you 150 Bowcasters and 500 pounds of horned katarn meat per Mon Calamari Cruisers

- kashyyyk

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We are postive the senate will enjoy the creation, this is one of the best batches yet!

- Kamino

(hint: clone army)

Tight, send 'em to the Republic Army Facility and await further instructions.

If anyone needs buildings, don't forget that Coruscant has some of the most ridiculous architects in the galaxy.

-- Coruscant

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Does anyone need any sand?


I would ask the Kamino delegation, see if they want to install a beach…

Are they Dark Forces Bowcasters that shoot that green shit?

~Mon Calamari~

Im sure that that can be arranged…


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