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the scream dude does look cool, but i still won't go to buki's site, because for all we know this could be a simple mydoom.32 that the guy put on there, or it couls be the next pentagon attack.

this' what my friend had to say, the one that told me about it::::


Contains signature of the VBS script virus VBS/Redlof.K

That's the virus... if you're curious

Tell her to post that on her website when its back up... just incase anyone visited it and didn't notice the virus...

Erm... http://www.free-av.com/ <--- that antivirus detects it

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thank you

bukimi to rdc-ksa More options 12:48 am (0 minutes ago)

Thank you for taking the time and interest in hacking my site. It makes me feel proud to know such talented people visit my site. ^^

btw, everything on klavier.nu seems to be down now, so no worries if you go to the site. :D

*does a virus check anyways*

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Your site was prossibly hacked via a number of different ways, the most common below:

Weak passwords to SSH, FTP, Web-admin based control panels, SQL, ect (Brute Force)

Vulnerabilities in CGI, PHP, and SQL (SQL Injection) related web applications running on the site.

The server the site is hosted may be un-patched, and could have been exploited (if your whole webhost is down, this likely happened).

The reason your site happened to be attacked, was probably just due to the fact that the team that attacked your site, hacks many sites daily. They tend to scan for vulnerable sites, and then deface them.

Try asking your hosting company how this all happened.

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