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Fetish Bible


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Chili Dog: Act of defecating on a woman’s chest and masturbating between her breasts.


Dog in a bathtub: Act of inserting testicles into partner’s anus, so called for being as tricky as its namesake.


K/S: Erotic material featuring the original the Star Trek main characters Kirk and Spoke having sex with each other.

......interesting. But who is Spoke?

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Californicate: To copulate shamelessly in any and every position.

That's like... everytime I fuck.

Conga Line: a group sex activity in which men are connected through anal sex.


Dermagraphism: A fetish for skin abrasions made by pinching, biting and sucking.

Let me tell you something. I'm here as living proof that this can turn into a psychosis.

I'm dissappointed that there's no name for pirate fetish.

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