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The most annoying sounds...

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Here are a list of things I find annoying to listen to:

1)people snapping crab legs

2) people making that gross squishy sound when eating a banana

3)this girl's voice that's awkwardly scratchy and fluctuates from high to low pitch

4) gospel music

5) rachel ray's voice

6) nails on chalk board or cars or any hard surface

7) my neighbor's snore

8) this girl Nikki's laugh

9) biting of nails

10) smoke detector sound

What about you guys?

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i had a class a few years ago where this older lady would always sit next to me and smack her lips together

THAT was the most annoying/nauseating noise i've ever heard

Ooh, yeah, that is bad.

Also, any sound while I'm trying to sleep is the most annoying sound ever. My roommate has accidentily woken me up a couple times, he said my stare was one of the most frightening things he's ever seen.

*I* don't remember this.

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Bahahaha. He's so awkward.

Unfortunately, the original video was removed. I assumed there were boobs?

Hahaha that's strange. Nope, no boobs at all. It was just a fourteen year old girl showing off what she likes about her body now. Stuff like showing the camera her toes and feet, brushing her hair, showing off her eyes, and then putting a finger in her mouth to show off her lips and teeth.

That last part was kinda slutty since she rolled her fingers over them like a, well, you get the picture. I'm guessing that's why Youtube removed it since the other things don't technically violate their terms of service.

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I don't like the sound of anyone eating, and to add, I also hate to watch people eat.

I hate the sounds of animals licking their unmentionables, especially when they throw in a snort or two.

I hate the sound of talking and laughing.

I hate cheap plastic clocks ticking. They sound nothing like those amazing wood ones, the REAL ones, and I hate it.

I hate it when people pick up guitars and start singing. I have a major aversion, unless they are really really amazing. Other than that, shut it.

I don't like the way that yelling sounds.

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